Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Observations from Germany :D

Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven't posted in a week but I spent the last four days in Germany! It was an amazing experience. My big sis is an au pair over there (she is coming home reeeeally soon whaaaa excitement or what!) and she was able to show and my aunt and I around the place and show how the public transport and stuff worked. And, of course, it was fantastic to see her again after so many months :)
Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures because my aunty and I were hanging out with my much missed big sis and I didn't want to eat into that time. So the few that I took are below but I'm afraid they're not very exciting.
It was a really pretty city (don't want to mention where, coz like, the internet is full of dangerous people FYI) and it is SO different to home. I definitely will go back for another visit (or five) when I'm older and have loads of cash to splash. (LOL I wish) 
People also dressed very interestingly over there. When my sister was working (the kids couldn't just mind themselves for a few days which sucked haha), my aunty and I would find a nice cafĂ©, order a fancy ice cream between us and watch the world go by (and talk a lot). So she watched people and I watched outfits. It was a pretty big city and there was a diverse range of people who passed by and it was fascinating to look at all their outfits. 
I noticed that the elderly ladies dressed in a classy, simple but sophisticated way, much more than at home. I'm not sure if this was because they were in the city on a day out or if they genuinely dress like that on a daily basis. 
The younger generations tended to be more stylized way (as is usual), but it was very simple style. It reminded me of ZaraH&M and Mango. I really enjoyed watching all the things that everyone wore and how they put them together. I will definitely be trying to recreate the looks at home. 
I also noticed that the 20 something year old men dressed very preppy-ily. They wore shorts to the knee and shirts buttoned all the way up, with nice brogue type shoes. That was certainly made a change to the tracksuit pants and loose t-shirts of all males under 30 of Ireland! 
You may have noticed that I changed the backround of my blog. Again. I just felt like a change and to be honest the orange was nice for a while but it didn't do much for me after that. It's very girly but I love it :)
That's all for now guys :) Now that summer has officially started (WHOOP), I will try my best to blog much more regularly and check out other blogs.
A German band that were playing traditional German songs in a beerhall we visited.
A man who was covered in sand and just sitting on the ground. We think he was supposed to be  promoting something.
The roof of the beer hall.
A door of a massive church we visited.
Picture says it all.
The AMAZING Ethiopian food we ate in a restaurant. 


  1. Looks like a great trip! :) x


  2. Hahaha Wormland! It looked great, I especially like the ceiling illustrations and church door (sounds silly, but I like that sort of thing) :)

    1. I LOL-ed so much when I saw it! Its not silly, I also think it looks so cool xx

  3. Oooh Germany! I really want to go there. Maybe I could use it as an excuse as preparation for the Leaving Cert! Maybe? "Hoffentlich...."
    Thanks for somehow finding my blog. It's awesome to see another Irish blogger!
    Marian ^_^ x

    1. Ya you could def pass it off as oral preparation ;) I know, there's not enough of us :'( xx

  4. Omg I just deleted off this post, just clicked on the wrong thing Boom it disappeared. Heather thank you for your comment I didn't even get to read it properly.
    Guys I feel so bad :0

  5. I always want to go to Germany though.. But I always want to go to Ireland as well! How's the weather in Ireland lately? Do you enjoy it(: I enjoy reading your blog, I've following. I hope you would return the favor (:


    1. You should visit Germany! It's such a cool place XD Irish weather is horrible! It's cold and wet all year round - we don't get much of a summer :'(
      Thank you for following, will go check out your blog now :)

  6. I've never been to Germany but it sounds like you had a lot of fun there!
    Hannah xx

  7. I really did :) will def return for another visit xx


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