Friday, 21 June 2013

Mid life crisis of a blogger....

Hey guys,

I feel like I have having a mid life crisis in relation to my blog.

On one hand, I want to write and post things for myself, to help ME figure out who I am and what I like. I really struggle with this. For me, it's much easier to blend in with the crowd, wear/say/do the "done" thing and there an end. But I know that this world has so much more to offer the real me if I express myself as myself. Blogging, as I envisage it, can help me to explore different, I dunno what, lets call them "things", and somewhere in this blog I will find find the aforementioned "things" and the people who also like these "things". I want this blog to be a highly personalized blog where I can explore the world and all it has to offer. Damn the followers and comments, well and good if they come and if they don't, sod 'em.

On the other hand however ....
I think every blogger wants to be a "successful" blogger like Suzy Bubble and Tavi Gension. I want to write/ create a blog that draws followers and brands like a magnet, so that I'm universally recognized as a "successful" blogger by the time I'm twenty (or so, I'm not too fussy on the age). I'd love to be interviewed for, I dunno, magazines and shit and have the question, "So, Aoife, where did it all begin for you?", and be able to smile (a little smug on the inside) and say that I started a blog and anyone can do it and get to where I got to. I don't want to be famous, that's not the word. Known? Appreciated? But not for nothing. For my blog.

Even as I am writing this article, it sounds so materialistic and self centred. There are civil wars on in the world and millions of people dying from starvation and incurable diseases and here I am twittering on about "wanting" to have a successful blog and "wanting" to explore my tastes. But I know my feeling guilty won't solve the worlds problems, despite my doing my best to support charities.

I think I need to redefine the word successful, for myself. Is it gaining followers and developing a loyal following? Or is it exploring different aesthetics and developing my tastes? Does one ambition have to come at the expense of the other? Can I do both?
I think I am going to run with my first ambition, and let it take me where it will. It feels more "me" and less contrived than the other one. So, this blog is for one person and one person only. Moi. I'll still cherish my readers (still slightly amazed that people actually read my ramblings!), and listen if they have opinions and suggestions but my one focus on the blog is me. So, I think I will shake things up a little. Expect a few changes over the next while.
Two of the changes are:

1. I am going to make a button for my blog and will be willing to have a button exchange. I have a vague idea in my head about what I need to do to actually make it etc but if anyone is interested, email me at

2. I am considering making a blogroll for my blog! This is (for people who don't know) a list of blogs on the side of my blog that I think you should check out asap coz they are AWESOME. I have a number of blogs in mind for this (I will contact you for permission first) but coz I follow so many wonderful blogs (ahem... all 120+ of you) email me if you want your blog to be included and I'll have a look and get back to you asap if I want to include your blog :)


  1. I completely understand your feeling! Sometimes I wonder why I post things publically if no one is reading them anyway, however, I have figured that if I work on my content because I enjoy it, it should get better (tick self-exploration!), and if people follow me, I would like it to be (and it is likely to be) because of good content. If they don't, then I may be disapponted they didn't like it, but never mind, it shouldn't make me a failure at life :)

    1. Yuss, I'm not alone!! Ya, if we're going to have a stab at this "self exploration" (nice phrase!) then we might as well do it where other people can give us feedback and help us :)xx

    2. That's been something I'm really enjoying about blogging and the community I've found. You can write about literally anything and if you look in the right place, find others with interests more similar than you could imagine. It's lovely to hear a few words from someone else and what they think!

    3. I know! No matter what you come put with, there is always someone who who has the same interest or opinion as you do :) Ah thanks, theres always something comforting in knowing that someone shares your opinion <3

  2. love the post! Great blog, so I'm a new follower on GFC =)

  3. I love the way you wrote this. I completely understand. I am a firm believer in quality vs quanity. If you have a loyal following and are blogging about what makes you happy, I think you're on the right track. I am going through somewhat of the same thing. I will be visiting more often :)

    &thank you for your kind comments!<3


  4. Thanks Bianca! You're welcome, I <3 your blog xx

  5. this is beautiful and raw. the piece of advice i always got was: 'just go ahead and do your own thing with passion and soon enough you'll have people tagging along'. (just by the way, your little corner here is lovely, i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog!)
    lotus m.

    from 'my words and i' ♡

  6. hi! omg I totally agree. when I first made my blog, I wanted it to be anonymous (kinda threw that idea out the window with the first post) and I didn't want anyone to read it. then I realised I actually did want people to read it - just people I don't know. I've come to grips with the fact that if I do want people to read it then I'm going to have accept the risk of having someone I know find it, but really I don't know how I feel about that. I don't know if that makes sense but yeah (this got pretty deep very quickly sorry)


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